Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Checklist now supports Sony SmartWatch

Happy Sony SmartWatch owners,

Now you can use your wearable to view your checklists and check items.
Swipe left or swipe right to rotate checklists to pick the one you want to work with.
The screen will show:
  • The name of the current checklist
  • The number of unchecked items
  • The name of the top unchecked item (orange background)
  • The name of the next unchecked item

Swipe up to check the current item and move to the next item.
Having all items checked you see the green indicator:

This size of SmartWatch screen is not large enough to implement all item manipulations so enjoy managing checklist via SmartPhone user interface:

Watch this demo of shopping with Checklist on Sony SmartWatch:

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