Sunday, August 17, 2014

Your can add and edit your exercises in Workout for SmartWatch app

Workout app is your SmartWatch fitness assistant providing:
✔ Working sets according to your workout plans
✔ Load values and repetition times for exercise types
✔ Rest periods control with vibration
✔ Encouragement on achievements and motivation

Workout on your SmartWatch shows a sequence of working sets. Each working set has three stages: GET READY -> EXECUTING -> BREAK. Depending on the exercise type you see different parameters of the working set.
There are three exercise types which define purpose or goal of the exercise and parameters of the working set: 

  • LOAD type sets load value and repetition times (i.e. bench press, dumbbell curls)
  • REPETITION type sets amount of reps (i.e. push-ups, crunches, hyperextension)
  • STAMINA type sets time limit (i.e. running track)
While getting ready you can skip the next working set by swiping up. 
BREAK stage displays countdown of your rest period and vibrates when you have to proceed to the next working set.

Working sets are managed in the Workout editor on your phone. 

You define the name of the exercise, its type, load value, number of repetitions and time period for break before the next working set.

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